Who We Are

There's time to fix things...

The St. Albert Homeless Prevention Coalition believes that housing is a basic human right. Unfortunately, some people in our city are homeless or at risk of losting their homes. Coalition members come from a number of community agencies and organizations. Together, we look at the situations that can lead to homelessness.

What We Believe

Lack of stable housing is often related to other challenges people may be facing. That's why we work to empower individuals and families. That's the reason we work to ensure that more people in need have better access to help and support. We believe that providing support helps:

  • • people become self-sufficient
  • • create paths out of homelessness
  • • build lasting partnerships
  • • raise awareness of homelessness in St. Albert

What We Value

Homelessness can affect people at all stages of life. We know that it doesn't discriminate, and neither do we. We value respect, diversity and inclusion. we believe in:

  • • giving everyone an equal voice
  • • open and honest communication
  • • responding to the needs of our community
  • • encouraging and respecting different points of view